Asset management through advanced data analytics.

Get your assets and your business working smarter, the easy way.

Who we are

Benefit from unique experience, from the people in your field.

It can often be a cliché to say that our people are our most valuable asset. Work with Redbooth and you’ll discover that our people are your most valuable asset.

Our future focused senior management team have more than 150 years’ experience supporting a wide range of industries, including Finance, Energy, data process and data-driven services.

Data is in our DNA. It’s also in the heart of your business.

Redbooth will bring yours to life, getting to the heart of any operation, enhancing and elevating your business through sophisticated survey techniques, making your assets as transparent as they could ever be.

Utilising the latest digital technology and artificial intelligence, we create incredibly accurate
 asset models and digital twins embedded with streams of live data enabling you to see everything happening in your assets, and your business – live – like never before, no matter where you or your business is in the world, at the touch of a button, or the swipe of a finger.

The type of work we do

Smart Services

We have the experience, the knowledge and the expertise via our in-house consultancy services to unearth insights that not only deliver the answers but make them easier to see.

Inspections and Maintenance

We can take your survey and inspection to the next level, adopting the latest digital and drone technology.

Data Embedding / Utilisation

We create live, super-accurate and comprehensive models of your assets. Everything can be replicated digitally, giving you a pin-sharp, live view of your asset.

Oilfield Services

In an often unforgiving environment, integrity is paramount, in every way. We provide tailored engineering services to suit your needs.

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Redbooth in Energy

Get your business working smarter

From Energy to offices, hospitals to hospitality, civil structures to distilleries, we transform IRM into Smarter IRM and provide you with the clearest possible picture of how your business - in whatever sector - is performing, enabling you to manage your assets live via data embedded in the Digital model on your on your desktop, tablet, mobile screen or through virtual reality.

Whatever your business, Redbooth uses the most sophisticated modelling techniques available to make your data work harder, saving time, money and man hours.

While improving safety and, importantly, reducing your carbon footprint. If you run a business with assets, it’s the smart way to operate.

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Your operation could be running smarter with Redbooth.

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