Our Services

Whatever your business, Redbooth uses the most sophisticated modelling techniques available to make your data work harder, saving time, money and man hours.

Smart Services

We have the experience, the knowledge and the expertise to unearth insights that not only deliver the answers but make them easier to see. Through smarter data analysis, we can make your operation run far smarter and also do your carbon footprint the power of good.

Data Embedding / Utilisation

We create live, super-accurate and comprehensive models of your assets. Everything can be replicated digitally, giving you a pin-sharp, live view of your asset.

We model your facilities to match your needs, adding live process conditions so you can manage your operations through your live data, whether that’s offshore flow rates, pressures and temperatures, or hotel check-ins, water and power usage, and even beer supplies, in real time from the comfort of your workplace.

Whatever conditions your asset will experience, you can replicate them digitally with us.

A digital Redbooth version of your entire property or asset portfolio allows you to undertake more accurate forecasting and predictive maintenance plans. When you’re prepared, forewarned and forearmed, you can safeguard your business against any future challenges.

Redbooth in Oil and Gas

Inspections and Maintenance

We can take your survey and inspection to the next level, adopting the latest digital and drone technology, AI, VR, LiDAR and photogrammetry for safer, smarter and more sustainable surveys, adding accuracy and cost efficiencies to your operation.

We create a highly accurate, live 3D model of your asset.

Now you can see what was previously hidden to the naked eye, in places you can’t reach, and you can view it at the touch of a button or screen, in real time, round the clock, wherever you are.

The result is dramatically fewer resources, man hours and cost. With Redbooth, asset inspection becomes safer, smarter and more sustainable. And saves you time and money.

Oilfield Services

In an often unforgiving environment, integrity is paramount, in every way.

A picture of the ocean

We provide tailored engineering services to suit your needs.

From drilling rigs to decommissioning and asset brokerage to downstream refineries, wind turbines and EPC work scopes, we have the experience and the manufacturing know-how not merely to make things happen, but to make things run smarter.

Our streamlined approach and flexible contracting model make it quicker and more cost effective for jobs of any size to keep you running as efficiently as possible.

Your operation could be running smarter with Redbooth.

Change your business for the better, starting today.